Step Index Multimode Fibers Metal Coated Series: Gold

Step Index Multimode Fibers Metal Coated Series: Gold

Pure fused silica step index multimode fibers (SIMM), optimised for applications in the UV/VIS and VIS/IR wavelengths.

The fiber is protected with a 99.99 % 24 kt Gold coating. Gold coatings not only enable the fiber to perform in challenging applications, but also in a wider temperature range than conventional polymer coatings. They also offer excellent protection against chemical corrosion & mechanical stress. The gold coated fiber is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh environments. As an electric conductor, this type of coating provides the user with the ability to terminate the fiber directly onto the coating, resulting in a hermetically sealed assembly. The manufacturing process utilized in the production of these fibers results in a lower stress corrosion susceptibility, and thus offering an improved mechanical protection to the optical fiber when used in the most challenging harsh environments. Unlike polymers, metal coatings such as Gold have very low outgassing of volatile components. All gold coated fibers are 100 % quality tested to Heracle‘s stringent test procedures in accordance with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA/EIA) and international Fiber Optic Test Procedures (FOTP). Custom specific tests to verify application requirements are available. 


Gold coated step index multimode optical fibers are typically used under extreme conditions such as:

  • Aircraft, missile, rocket, turbine & jet engine monitoring

  • Radiation, caustic & corrosive environments

  • Material fatigue sensing applications

  • High power laser delivery systems

  • Ultra high vacuum applications


  • Widest operating temperature range  (from cryogenic to 700° C)
  • Hermetic & sterilizable
  • Directly solderable for vacuum feedthroughs & laser diode pigtailing
  • Radiation resistant
  • Low outgassing
  • Non-contaminating & non-oxidizing Resistant to chemical corrosion