Emerging applications and innovative devices demand for new approaches to fiber design

Heracle’s strengths and competence is the deep comprehension of how to transfer client specific demands and applications into a superior fiber optic design and final product that best supports each specific application and demand.

We can provide you with any custom optical fiber manufacturing you may need to bring your product to market as quickly as possible. Customers that have never used optical fiber before are surprised how easy it is to incorporate optical fiber into their designs — and help them every step of the way until their products reach the market.

We offer the full range competence and service range from customized design and manufacturing to measurement and test services as well as in-depth consulting and applications support to find the individual fiber solution.

Heracle maintains partnerships and alliances with selected supply chain partners to sustain product reliability and performance throughout the complete value process.

We thereby strictly focus on fiber business only. Our clients trust us when sharing confidential information and technologies since we do not compete with them in their markets. 

Heracle has ready access to the raw materials, suppliers, manufacturers and R&D needed to create superior optical fiber products that range from:

  • Step-index to graded-index fiber,
  • Single-mode and multimode fiber for wavelength applications of 200 nm up to 2 µm,
  • Optical Fiber that operates in temperatures ranging between -190°C to +1000°C


Our fibers are fully customizable according to the specific applications, specifications and environmental challenges and can be individually specified in terms of: 

  • glass material
  • core diameter
  • coating option
  • Numerical Aperture parameter