Specialty optical fiber solutions for innovative photonics applications

Heracle specifically addresses the needs of photonic device makers in the challenging applications of medical light transmission, biomedical sensing, or imaging, as well as in industrial laser light transmission and diverse sensing applications.

As your optical fiber partner for medical applications Heracle provides a broad portfolio of biocompatible optical fibers and capillary tubing for transmission, sensing and imaging in advanced medical applications.

Biomedical sensing applications of optical fiber are of growing importance, specifically for minimally invasive medical devices and small-size disposable sensors for catheters and endoscopes. Heracle helps medical device manufacturers develop imaging and sensing fibers that meet the specific design challenges in biomedical sensor applications.

Heracle’s expertise enable our customers to enjoy greater success in their individual markets. They also benefit from Heracle’s comprehensive market knowledge of the entire value chain involved in fiber manufacturing. This includes the reliability and reputation of the technologies being used throughout the manufacturing process. Heracle is also uniquely positioned to leverage the R&D that is taking place in Jena and worldwide to create exceptional products for its customers.